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Lots of extrovert construction in front of my house as the road widening prep work kicks into high gear. Actual paving will occur next year. With the utility work, it's a rainbow of marker flags and paint. Power, gas, telco, water, and sewer all have to move.

The tree murderers have come and gone, and our ten thirty-foot-tall trees on the front of our berm are now but ten lonely holes in the ground, but I digress.

Back to the fun stuff. To the immediate east of us is a non-human park; a completely gated and enclosed bird sanctuary. To expand the road, they need to put a massive retaining wall, as this bird sanctuary also contains the inlet for our lake. And we can't have cars going into the drink once the road is widened. So interlocking steel plates are being driven into the ground to hold back the lake, so they can build the foundation for the wall.

Two cranes, a small 25-foot pile driver, and a larger 40 foot pile driver, all working away this past Thursday and Friday. For the foundation, they have set a whole mess of I-beams, 40 feet into the ground. And in front of our house are piles of dark, peaty soil dug from the banks of the lake.

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