Jun. 4th, 2014

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Hey, I'm loosing weight. Uh oh, it's because of the mosquitoes.

The past couple years have been most moderate, but starting about two days ago, we had a monstrous hatching. Even in the heat of the day, the mosquitoes are distinctly unpleasant. At night, our windows are covered in mosquitoes, waiting for a chance to drain us or our dogs should we venture out after dark. During the day, we've resorted leaving out the far end of the house, where we can close doors to set up an airlock. Later, we go back and battle it out with flyswatters and shopvacs to clear the space.

Thus, I have been forced to release the mosquito daleks.

The deployment did come with a personal cost. Even with precautions, the mosquitoes extracted a short-term toll, and I returned quite lumpy. This is acceptable, as the slaughter has been immense (and most, most satisfying). A cloud is ever present around the daleks, as the mosquitoes attempt to feed on the moist, CO2 emitting, faux-bovine (courtesy of the octenol lure).

At some point, I'll need to brave the cloud to dispose of the bodies, as they are rapidly filling the catchment container at the rate of several thousand per day.

Bite my shiny propane-powered daleks, mosquito fiends, and taste the bitter flavor of total extermination.


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