Nov. 9th, 2015

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For the past few days, my connectivity became very slow.

I knew my previous kludge to recover from the rabbit-chewed wire was short term. But, much like the leaky roof procrastination story, it had been dry, plus I had my Clear connection. Clear is now gone - Sprint pulled the plug Nov 6th, plus we got more rain since late October.

I did have an alternate set of wires that I installed a couple years ago when I redid the floor; completely protected. I just never finished hooking things up. Hey, it involves going into the crawl space, which is a motivation decreaser.

Why was the rabbit-chewed connection slow? When I pulled out that damaged wire, I found the answer. Where I previously kludged the wire, I placed it well off the damp/wet ground. When the next batch of rains came, the partially removed insulation acted as a funnel and filled up the wire. With the inner insulation soaking in the water, there was enough leakage current to degrade (but not completely kill) the connection.

So now, I'm back.

An update on other nibblers. The annual mouse surge is over. I had four live traps going; yes, I do catch and release... After a few days, I've caught nobody else. The final mouse count this year is 22. Pretty close to last years count of 21.


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