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This past weekend was another antisocial one - spent hanging the upper cabinets.

A whole long weekend to hang upper cabinets! Outrageous. Those workers are too slow :-)

Heh. If we were *just* hanging them. The tops needed to be trimmed back to remove excess material - the cabinets sit flush up against the ceiling. The cabinets also need to be modified at the bottom, as in lieu of traditional wall outlets, we are using hardwired low profile power strips. This is a double bonus effort of adding a custom strip of oak, plus the extra fiddly effort of cutting each of the strips to size and wiring them up. PITA.

We installed the double wall oven. Oh yes, this too has a special story.

Do not go to the ReStore in Waukegan IL; it will destroy your finely crafted kitchen plans. What's the ReStore? A place where folks donate their expensive kitchen appliances when they redo their kitchen (proceeds to Habitat for Humanity). I'm convinced the previous owners don't clean their appliances - they replace them. So one can get upper end kitchen equipment for a pittance. It does, of course, require extra effort to install properly. Ask me sometime about my $60 drill bit.

But this fabulous find required a redesign of the kitchen. It's all for the better, but my tolerance for more changes is reaching an all time low.

My friend Garrett came for a visit. Little did he know one of the activities would be setting the dual oven in place. It was a heavy beast - 250+ lbs, and even with lifting straps, it was quite the effort.

The electrical work never seems to end, although this time it was a bit more fun. The exterior lights are now up!

Last week was too nuts to even post - in addition to the weekend, we worked non-stop (after work) including an all-nighter on Tues the 27th in the attempt to meet the 28th date. Yep, the 28th date came and we missed completion by a mile. We did manage the following over the previous week up to the 28th:
- All wall electrical/plumbing complete.
- Exterior wall insulated. Interior wall soundproofed.
- Drywall installed and primed.
- Cabinet dry fit (for the appraiser).

The appraiser (from the county for our eminent domain road issue) said, "Oh, it looks like you are doing a bit of work." I've been told by others (no the appraiser) the kitchen only counts as much as it is completed, so we'll see.
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