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Final hookup for the prep sink. Who would think the promise of a working sink could be so exciting!

Pressurized water lines. Looks good. Turn on faucet. No leaks, but low pressure. Wood shavings in pressure reducer. Shavings removed. Now running strong. No leaks on drain, but time for a full test. Fill the sink up to the top, and release the drain plug. Drains like a champ, but wait, it's leaking. Doh!

Not from any of the fitting, but from the middle of the garbage disposal. Must be an interior seal. Bah. I have to disconnect it from the sink, drain, and electrical.

Anita and I set more cabinets.

About that garbage disposal. The seals are good, but the plastic housing is cracked in two places. Not at an edge, but in the middle. It looks like a manufacturing defect! I do note that most replacement parts are available, except for the housing, which "not available"...

Do I try to fix with epoxy? Yes, the darn thing is a costly middle/upper end garbage disposal. The fix is made - I'll install it tomorrow.

But didn't I have to work on Wednesday? You bet, but this kitchen must be completed, so...

I woke up early, and installed the repaired disposal. I did my full sink test, and no leaks. Time to grind. If life gives you lemons, feed them to the garbage disposal :-)

Odd, it spins like a champ, and I can hear the blades, but it's not eating the lemons. They just seems to get plastered to one side.

Ah, one the blades isn't freely turning. Scratch that, not turning at all. Sigh. Time to disconnect everything, again.

It's wedged but good. After I insert a wonder bar, and beat on it with a hammer, it is free - a bone shard had formed a perfect wedge under the grinding blade.

And for the third time, I install it. This time, all works well. Whew.

Next I'll work on the gas line. I really hope this goes more smoothly than the garbage disposal.
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